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Marketing in a uncertain world

We are living through uncertain times - an unprecedented experience for most of us. How businesses react could have a great impact on how we move on from this global event - as employers, as employees, as the self-employed and as customers.

No one is certain of when and how this current lockdown will finish and what jobs, businesses and industries may thrive or disappear at the end of it.

For many businesses, although times may be tough as we adjust in these first few weeks, there are opportunities to be had.

Consumers are increasing online, trying out new, virtual and interactive platforms to communicate with their friends and family or to place orders for home delivery for all kinds of products.

Many businesses with a traditional face-to-face interactions with their customers are adapting quickly to survive by offering online ordering and home or virtual delivery.

Others may have to bide their time before they can resume their business, but have time now to review their business strategies and activities to be ready for when their customers return.

Only time will tell if this period of lockdown will change customers' behaviour in the long run but the businesses which will survive, or indeed thrive, are those that understand their customers and their needs and focus on how they can best serve them in these uncertain times.

beadyeye marketing can help you build your online profile or devise a communications strategy to maintain a relationship with your customers - please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.