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Time to spring clean your data?

The sun is out, the birds are tweeting and there are signs of snowdrops and daffodils on their way - Spring is definitely in the air.

Clean your database

Now is the time to kickstart your marketing plans for 2017 - and making sure your customer data (whether it's on bits of paper, Excel spreadsheets or a more complex database) is up to date. Out of date data is a sure fire way to kill the success rate of your campaigns and miss some potentially great business opportunities.

Make sure you have ALL the data

Make sure all your contacts are collated in the same place - collect all the business cards, email enquiries and phone records you've received over the past year and add them to your database.

If you use any social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter - be sure to connect with any new contacts to keep up to date with their activity, and they may follow you back.

Remove any out of date records

Taking old, out of date contacts out of your campaigns will save you time and money. In email marketing campaigns this will also help your email reputation be lowering your hard & soft bounce rate.

Identify potential leads for 2017

Identify any contacts you haven't connected with to recently and re-introduce your product or service.

Commit to keeping up to date this year

Commit to taking 15-30 mins each week or month to keep on top of your customer database - this will help you identify potential leads sooner and reduce your time spent spring-cleaning next year.

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