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Getting started with email marketing for SMEs

email marketing stats for small businesses

Email marketing is a great way for SMEs to establish and maintain relationships with their customers in both B2C and B2B organisations.

Before you start there are a few key points to consider;

How do you get email addresses for your customers?

You may already hold a lot of information, including email addresses, on your customers through previous transactions and enquiries.

You could also buy email address data through a data agency - this can be expensive and results vary between audiences and industries so it is worth researching carefully before going ahead.

How do you send email marketing campaigns?

There are many online email delivery companies, many with free versions for smaller data quantities. I am a regular user of MailChimp but other companies are available (as they say on the BBC).

These providers will manage any unsubscribes and bounced data to help you comply with data protection and email marketing regulations.

What shall we say?

Email campaigns can be used in many ways - it all depends on what you are aiming to achieve. They can be used to announce sales, new products & branches, customer and employee news etc.

Automated programmes such as for new customers and abandoned shopping baskets can be a great way to maintain relationships and encourage purchases - and require very little input to run once they are set up.

For more traditional B2B companies, email marketing can be used to maintain awareness through a regular newsletter campaigns featuring new products and case studies.

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