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You have the data - don't forget to use it

Most companies, however small or new, have a wealth of information about their customers which, if used in the right way, can help grow their business.

Do you...

  • Record contact details for all enquiries & orders?

  • Keep track of which times, days, seasons etc are most popular for generating enquiries?

  • Keep track of how customers like to place orders - phone, email, website etc?

  • Know how much repeat business you get from existing customers?

  • Know who are your best customers?

This information can easily be captured and is probably already stored somewhere in your organisation - the key is collating all this data in an easy to use format and having the time

time to analyse it and identify any simple actions which could grow your business.

If you need help getting control of your customer data, please get in touch today via bonnie@beadyeyemarketing.co.uk

Don't forget that any customer data you hold must by stored securely in accordance with data protection. See the ICO website for more details - this is a very useful brief guide to data protection for small businesses