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Outlook Customer Manager

Interested to receive an email from Microsoft last week to announce the launch of Outlook Customer Manager - which appears to be a replacement for the neglected Outlook Business Contact Manager. It finally looks like Microsoft have recognised the needs of small businesses, who don't have the budgets or requirements to invest in complex customer relationship management systems. The add-on is currently being rolled out to exisiting Office 365 Business Premium at no extra cost, but looks like it may be added out to other 365 packages in future. I look forward to having an explore around it in more depth soon - I will let you know how I get on. #databasemarketing

Getting started with email marketing for SMEs

Email marketing is a great way for SMEs to establish and maintain relationships with their customers in both B2C and B2B organisations. Before you start there are a few key points to consider; How do you get email addresses for your customers? You may already hold a lot of information, including email addresses, on your customers through previous transactions and enquiries. You could also buy email address data through a data agency - this can be expensive and results vary between audiences and industries so it is worth researching carefully before going ahead. How do you send email marketing campaigns? There are many online email delivery companies, many with free versions for smaller data

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